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We encourage members to contribute as much and as often as possible. 

Without your content this site would be so much the poorer!

Information is uploaded and displayed under four headings:

  1.  collections

  2.  mini histories

  3.  longer histories

  4.  files

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Collections are short stories grouped in according to a theme.  Each story is no more than about 100 words and has one image and can be directlly uploaded by the member.

If you have inspiration for a new collection sontact the administrator to have it set up!

Thes are short histories, of say 200 - 500 words, with one or more images. 

As a member you can also upload these directly .

These longer histories are intended to be more serious affairs and are without a words limit.  Currently these are displayed as pdf's under one of the nine categories as shown on the main history page of the site. 

These articles should be referenced to the sources of your information whenever possible.


To ensure consistency in layout and editing please email these to the site for uploading.

Files can be uploaded by members and are not public, only accessible by other members.  Here members can store files for future reference, much as they would on their own computer.  These files can be a member's working papers, or articles in progress, or anything else that the contributor thinks may be of interest to other members.  As on your own computer, you can create folders to group like files.


A big advantage in storing files on the site is that they are automatically indexed - and they are retained for prosterity !

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