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Vasplongues demands justice!

. . . in the way of the Huguenots

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Vasplongues to sue for justice !

In 1670, in the reign of Louis XIV (the “Prince Above”), Vasplongues was not happy. They, the residents of both the upper and lower mazaiges, decided to sue the priest of church of Saint Pancrasse in Lunas for dereliction of duties.

Their principal complaint concerned the lack of dignity with which he treated their dead. If he did come to retrieve the body it might take him 2 or 3 days “during which time the bodies of the deceased remain in their homes without burial”. And if he didn’t turn up, they were obliged “to take the dead bodies to the cemetery, without Priest, without Cross and without any Prayers, in the way of the Huguenots.”

In another complaint, even though since time immemorial they had given one hen for the publication of marriage notices, the priest now charged “thirty sols or even more according to his fancies, having [at times ransomed them] for up to three livres”!

What became of their intention to sue is not known but the priest, Louis de Gouttes, (whose father incidentally had made an appropriate donation for his son’s clerical title) remained the parish priest until his death, aged 62, sixteen years later.

Transcription by Stéphane BATIGNE

Recording by Guillaume BRUN Notaire 1670

AD 34, 2E 39/529 M° Guillaume BRUN Notaire de Lodève pages 30-32

Painting by Elisée Lagarde 1897 

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