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Murder at Pont d'Orb

The death of Jean Riviere

journaliste :


On 12 May 1690 Riviere, from Saint Martin d’Orb, and Combal of Pont d’Orb were attacked at Pont d’Orb by a soldier from the Régiment d'Alsace. Both men were injured and Jean Riviere, a carpenter, died the next day.

The soldier was arrested and sent to Béziers. [We are trying to locate the record of his trial.]

What was a soldier from Alsace doing in our part of the world? Likely he was involved in his regiment’s campaign in Roussillon of that year. Roussillon had been won in 1659 by Louis XIV following the 30 year long Franco-Spanish war.

« Registre des baptesmes, mariages et mortuaires de la parroisse Sainct Martin de Clamenssan » 1684-1707 Page 8

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