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Fairy cave

where did all the fairies go . . .

journaliste :


The late Dr Brunel (1881 1964), an enthusiastic amateur archaeologist and eminent resident of Le Bousquet d'Orb, reported in the scientific publication Bulletin de la Société Archéologique de Béziers (1942) that long, long, ago fairies lived in a cave in the cliffs above the village of Caunus.

He said grandmothers had for many generations passed on this history to their grandchildren and that on bright sunny day the fairies would hang out their washing to dry on the rocks outside of the cave.  However their clothes were so bright they dazzled the eyes of anyone who looked at them for too long.

In 1935 Dr Brunel and a group of residents from the village of Caunus (MM Sylva and Denis Clochard, Delmas and Vernazobres) carried out a thorough excavation of the cave and found many artefacts – pottery, flint tools, animal bone – dating from the age of cavemen (copper/bronze age).

But also they found beads, rings and earrings. Could these have belonged to the fairies?

And why are the fairies no longer there?  Grandmothers say that over a thousand years ago when the church was built in Caunus and bells were installed in the steeple, the fairies suddenly disappeared, never to be seen again . . .

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